Monica Diaz | Moodi Lighting
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Moodi Therapy Light

The Brief

To create a brand that veers away from their medicinal competition and focuses on the feeling you get when you have a Moodi light. To create a brand people will not be embarrassed by.

The Solution

Moodi is a brand people can easily align themselves to. Moodi can both be a talking point about mental well being or can simply look like a interesting table light, thus letting the consumer decide whether they want to talk about their well being or not. I also created a deck of mindful cards that give you tips on how to be more mindful in your every day life.

Advertising, Brand Identity, Packaging, Print
About This Project

Moodi is a light therapy company. Light therapy improves your overall mood, energy and concentration.

The light works by emitting 10,000 lux of full spectrum light that mimics some of the same spectrums found in natural sunlight, this increases your serotonin production which, in turn, makes you happy.

I worked in collaboration with my sister, Andrea Diaz to create this brand for her fully–functioning light.