Monica Diaz | OBMI
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About This Project

OBMI is an international architectural company whose mission is to build dreams. OBMI has been a leader in the architectural world for 80 years, this shows resiliency yet a willingness to adapt.


These visual identity systems celebrate OBMI’s history and acknowledges their progressive outlook. It honours OBMI’s innovative design solutions, their imaginative perspective and their diversity both with their employees and the types of projects they do. I created something that applauds both their local island roots and their international reach.


Here I’ve shown two (of the dozen options) I created for their visual identity. It was very important to me to create options that looked and worked nothing like each other to give variety.


This project was created while under the creative direction at Storydriven Inc.



The First Logo

I took a classic font, Didot and transformed it to reflect OBMI. I chose Didot because of the strong contrast between the thick and the thins. I changed the “O” to sit off centre to mimic an old-style “O” (bringing some traditional elements in). For the “M” I added a slight curve to give the word mark an organic quality and its own personality.

The Monogram

I created this secondary mark to make the brand even more versatile. It seemed like a natural next step to create this ultra luxury monogram.

The Second Logo

This mark honours that strength as well as the history by drawing inspiration from past design and typography movements. This mark is extremely versatile and will work seamlessly with any project OBMI takes on. The mark will change colours to match the project it is on, creating a versatile, fresh and innovative visual identity.

Brand Identity