Monica Diaz | Rice Harbut Elliott
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The Logo

The logo’s meaning is threefold: firstly it suggests a continuous path that work can be streamlined through; secondly is connections via referrals, personal contacts and within the office; thirdly the transparency of the brand shown through bold, clear, sans serif type.

The Signage

The logo above the front desk is in the midnight blue colour and uses a back light that matches the sky blue. The blue makes the logo really pop on the back wall. The names are also in the dark blue so they are legible, and stand out against the white wall.

The Website

RHE needed a website that all of their clients could understand easily and quickly. The idea of the homepage is to capture users' attention with a storied video about what RHE is all about. One of the goals was to showcase how RHE is different from the typical "ambulance chasing" injury lawyer. They care about their clients and the website needed to reflect that.

Brand Identity, Digital, Print, Signage
About This Project

RHE is a firm of trial lawyers who exclusively represent people who have been injured. Truth, accountability, and results are Rice Harbut Elliott’s guiding principles.


Rice Harbut Elliott is a collaborative machine that runs on competence, compassion and integrity. This visual identity system symbolizes how Rice Harbut Elliott gets most of their clients, through connections. Even a small, less traumatic client can lead to a massive client or “big fish” if you will.


Visit the RHE website


This project was created while under the creative direction at Storydriven Inc.