Monica Diaz | The Scott
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The First Wordmark

This visual identity focuses on the emotive nature of the project. The Scott is returning to its original purpose, as commercial and rental property. I was inspired by old-fashioned, hand lettered typography and how it has come back in style (just like the rejuvenation of The Scott building). This option experiments with curved lines, the mixing of typefaces, the contrast between thick and thin, and using an unexpected colour palette.

The Second Wordmark

I paired an old fashioned (black letter) typeface with a modern sans font. The black letter typeface is usually seen as an antique font, though we believe its geometric angles and sharp lines make the font contemporary and edgy. I took inspiration from the new architecture, with its tall windows and vertical nature. This can be seen in the tall and geometric lines of the logo.

The Third Wordmark

We wanted to design a wordmark that would sit on one line and stand on its own without having to be altered to fit any layout or size restriction. This represents The Scott’s timelessness and history. A mix of high contrast colours and muted tones further display the mix of traditional and contemporary. We’ve edited a pre-existing typeface by removing its serifs and adding our own geometric ones. This makes the wordmark feel sharper and more current. While researching and brainstorming I came across stone cut lettering. This old fashioned, traditional method was mainly used by artists, sculptors and typeface designers. I was drawn to the idea that District sculpts their developments, inspired by the surrounding community and people.

The Monogram

We’ve created a secondary element, a monogram, to replace the wordmark on certain occasions. A monogram makes the brand more versatile and visually interesting.

Advertising, Brand Identity, Print, Signage
About This Project

Victoria is a town rich in history. Beginning as a mere trading post, Victoria exploded overnight when gold was discovered. The city has deep roots and a number of heritage buildings that are a century or older. One of these is The Scott, a conversion in a neighbourhood people are proud to call home. It combines the appeal of heritage with the progressive design of a visionary architect.


The Scott is at the corner of Douglas Street and Hillside Avenue, in the Humber Green neighbourhood that has been undergoing a gentrification process supported by residents who love its convenient location. It is minutes from downtown, parks, schools and the hospital. There is high demand for rental space in this area. The Scott is returning to its roots since it was first built as apartments rented primarily to business people without families.


While creating all three options for the visual identity of The Scott, we tried to celebrate the history of the building/town while juxtaposing it with modern, clean design – much like the new architectural plans.


This project was created while under the creative direction at Storydriven Inc.