Monica Diaz | The U
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The Brief

To create a rental property that is a diverse, un-pretentious, but a sophisticated, social space for like-minded people. Some key words I took away were; “bold”, “distinctive”, “friendly/warm”, “intelligent”, “inclusive” and “creative space”. I also wanted to draw attention to the fact that “The U” would be close to Kings Road, a neighbourhood necessity.

The Solution

To draw attention to the different connections that will happen at “The U” and the close proximity to a commercial area (Kings Road). As I looked for inspiration, I was drawn copper metal, interesting dimensions and a playful sense of scale.

The Icon

The icon represents Kings Road. One of the main roads by “The U”. The road is such a neighbourhood necessity and connects people with commercial shops and transit. The spaces between forms represent multiple connections. “The U” will be a thriving hub where countless connections between neighbours will happen everyday. Having the ends open lets the icon breathe while giving off the impression on a continuous road.

The Ads

For the ads I wanted to use large headlines and cheeky copy will balance the intensity and drama of the renderings. These ads are meant to attract a younger audience. The use of accent colours will be used minimally if at all, letting the rendering and copy be the main point of interest.

3D Signage

Since the icon is so bold with thick lines, it would easily lend itself to a variety of 3D applications. Like we stated before, The U is diverse and unique, allowing us to use a multitude of different signs. Natural materials will lend themselves nicely to the logo, since the bold lines can easily be cut from any material. The natural materials give a sophistication and unpretentious feel. These applications will make The “U” stand out from competitors.

Advertising, Brand Identity, Print
About This Project

“The U” will be a social space where neighbours can easily meet in the common/amenity areas. This speaks to different and multiple connections that are portrayed in the branding. The brand is clean and uncluttered, just like the exterior of the buildings which will be with the absence of “for rent” or “vacancy” signs. This clean approach will make “The U” look like a cool condo complex instead of rental units, attracting a variety of people.

“The U” will be big, bold and full of life.