Monica Diaz | Wheelhouse Shipping Agency
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The Brief

The brand strategy is to create a design that speaks to the strength, seriousness, expertise and heritage of both Compass Marine Services and Empire Shipping Agency. A wordmark or icon that brings the best of both brands together.

The Solution

The Wheelhouse is a part of a ship that serves as the shelter for the captain (or person at the wheel). The Icon represents a number of things; the view from the wheelhouse, the horizon line, which evokes the romantic side of maritime shipping, and the "W" of "Wheelhouse". The wordmark is a strong sans serif that creates a unique industrial look, paired with a thin, wide font, thus balancing the hardness of “wheelhouse".

Brand Identity, Digital
About This Project

Wheelhouse Shipping Agency a new marine shipping company formed by merging Empire Shipping Company and Compass Marine Services. With a bigger team and more diversified expertise, Wheelhouse is able to bring on more clients and meet more needs.


This project was designed while I was working at Storydriven Inc.