Monica Diaz | Andrea Diaz Branding
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The Icon

The icon has multiple meanings. The shapes represent building blocks, both literally and conceptually, that speak to industrial as well as graphic design. The colours showcase a bright, approachable, creative, almost child-like enthusiasm, and out of the box thinking. The placement of shapes/how they overlap represent; connection, collaboration, and a product or idea coming together seamlessly. The multiple icon variations showcase how versatile this brand identity is and how Andrea can choose the appropriate variant for whatever she’s doing.

The Colours

The colours chosen are a mix of bright and muted tones. Andrea was drawn to bright shades of pink and red and felt like those colours represented her and her designs. I added a deep blue as well as a couple muted colours to tone down the brightness of the main red and keep it sophisticated. Depending on the context/application, each colour could portray a different tone, mood and idea. Though the main colour is a pinkish-red, the branding is not overtly feminine.

Icon Variations

There are four different icon variations. There is a shaped version (main version), filled version, outlined version, hinged version, and a version that uses patterns as the fill. These are all interchangeable but the main icon is the shaped version.

Pattern Usage

Patterns are a great way to showcase Andrea’s uniqueness, self-expression, creativity and fun. Any pattern can be used depending on the design. Patterns are a great way for the brand to stand out, stay in style, and change to fit the application/design. Using patterns enforces the brand’s versatility and flexibility.

Brand Identity
About This Project

Andrea Diaz, while being my sister, is also an industrial designer based in Vancouver. She came to me about creating a visual identity system for herself that would tell potential employers, and clients who she was and the type of work she did at first glance.


The tone of voice I tried to convey consists of a few key words: Friendly, Playful, Modern. Timeless, Contemporary, Fluid.


The challenge of creating this visual identity was to represent both industrial design and graphic design simultaneously without being too specific. I wanted to also design something that would be versatile, conceptual and that would last.