Monica Diaz | Parkway
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Brand Identity, Print
About This Project

The Parkway Apartment building is a storied structure in a character downtown neighbourhood that retains a strong sense of community pride. The client was honoured to make it their second heritage conversion product, commissioning visionary architect Michael Green to preserve its history while introducing modern conveniences. By blending the dignity of an earlier era with contemporary ease of living and exceptional outdoor spaces, they are creating homes that merge the best of both worlds.


I wanted to enhance Parkway’s personal history by creating a unique, custom wordmark (and monogram). Inspiration came from Edwardian Era typography, used in ads, signs and posters. I’ve done this by taking traditional typefaces/letter forms and customizing them to create modern and original letters. Stylizing classical typography can instantly create a refreshed and modern design, (much like how to the new building design will enhance, celebrate and revamp the old architecture).

This project was created while under the creative direction at Storydriven Inc.